Why can't I send a message?

There are two ways to send the first message on our site. If you are a Gold member then you are able to start a chat with another member on the site whether they are Basic or Gold. If you are a Basic member and not keen on upgrading to Gold then you can purchase a message pack, which allows you to start a conversation with three other members which will continue indefinitely, whether they are Basic or Gold.

Basic members are also able to reply to messages sent by a Gold member and the conversation will continue as long as one member is a Gold member. Or when a Basic member has used a message pack to contact them.

There will also be times that you can't send a message due to the security settings of the other member. You may be notified that you are not authorised to contact this member. All members have the option to set their privacy and security levels to what they are happy and comfortable with.

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