Your profile photo

Your profile photo is the most important photo on your profile. This is the first photo that people see when they search or match with you. A profile photo on FindSomeone should follow these guidelines:


  • A basic, cropped "head-and-shoulders" shot of you
  • Clean and in-focus
  • Taken in the last two years

NO ✖

  • Too zoomed in, whole face not visible
  • Too zoomed out
  • Face hidden behind a hat and sunglasses
  • Group photos (unless it has been cropped to just you)
  • Photos of other people, random objects, or places

Don't have a recent photo that you can use as your profile photo? No worries, taking one with your phone or digital camera is easy. Below are a few helpful things to remember.

Our tips on how to get a great profile photo

1. Getting the best shot

Hold the camera at a slightly high angle, just above eye-level, so that you are looking up towards the camera a little. Looking down at the camera will give you an 'up the nose' shot or a double chin, which is less flattering. Keep the camera steady to avoid things getting blurry - or get a friend to take the photo for you.

2. Keep it natural

It might be tempting to use lots of different poses and expressions, but this is easily overdone and might look less flattering than a more natural pose. Just smile and take a whole bunch of photos until you find one that you feel is the most 'you'.

3. The best lighting

Lighting is very important. If you are taking a photo outside, avoid bright sunlight. If you are inside, avoid having a light directly above your head or directly behind it. This casts strong shadows on your face, meaning that many facial features get lost in shadow, or are emphasised too strongly. Soft lighting is best.

Choosing extra photos for your profile

Our data shows that profiles with photos get more attention - so we recommend that you add some more to your page. Remember, don't upload anything too personal or that you might feel uncomfortable with sharing. Use mainly recent photos to share your hobbies, interests, and give an insight into your personality.

More info about hidden photos

You have the ability to hide any photos on your profile. Selecting the 'Hide' button means that photo won't be displayed on your live profile or in search results, however it will remain in your 'My Photos' section and only you will be able to see this. If you ever want to use a hidden photo again, it is easy to re-select the photo so that it appears on your profile again. If you never want to use the photo again select 'Delete' to remove it permanently from your 'My Photos' section and live profile.

Please note: Hidden photos are still accessible for any member who has the corresponding URL link.


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